Here are 5 simple and scientific tips for guaranteed fat loss.

So no quick fixes, no dubious detoxes.

Here are five simple and scientific tips for guaranteed fat loss:

1. Eat less of everything

It sounds pretty obvious but Dr Yeo’s top tip is to simply reduce your portions of everything.

You don’t need to count calories – just actively eat a little less at every meal and of your snacks.

Dr Giles Yeo has been studying weight loss from a genetic point of view and has come up with six very simple tips.

However, experts tend to agree that you can never eat enough of things like dark leafy veg, so try cutting down your portions of meat, dairy and carbs and really bulk out your plate with as much spinach, broccoli and chard as you can.


2. Don’t cut out food groups

Forget going keto. Dr Yeo says we need all the food groups – which means we should be eating things like carbs to function.

“Don’t demonise and exclude whole food groups unless medically warranted,” Dr Yeo said.

“Too much of anything is bad, and too little of anything is bad.”

Dr Yeo previously spent a month living on a vegan diet and said he shed 10lb and saw his cholesterol dramatically drop while eating as much as he wanted.

3. Eat food that takes longer to digest

One reason that people find they can eat more on a vegan diet is that you’re often filling up with tonnes of fibre – and that makes you full.

Beans, dhal, and veg take longer to digest because they’re so rich in dietary fibre.

They can take longer to eat (all that chewing) and they tend to take longer to fully digest.

It’s also a good idea to give your body a break from digestion once in a while to avoid bloating.

4. Eat more fat

Fat doesn’t make you fat – we know that.

But loads of us are still a bit scared of filling up on fats and there’s some confusion about what kind of fats we should be eating.

Dr Yeo says that we should all be eating more unsaturated fats like avocado, nuts and olive oil.

We’re not talking about the fats you get from animal products, as recommended on the keto or paleo diets.

5. Don’t fear food

Diet companies thrive on us fearing food. But food is amazing and it’s what sustains us.

Feeling nervous about nutrition and the power of food just leads to disordered eating and poor mental health.

“It’s better to understand food better and work with it, rather than be afraid of it,” Dr Yeo concludes.

The moment you start to think of it as a friend rather than a foe, food and diet becomes a lot more manageable.

Be kind to yourself, feed your body what it needs and ignore any advice that makes you feel rubbish about what you eat.

Be kind to yourself, feed your body what it needs and ignore any advice that makes you feel rubbish about what you eat.

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