Keto-Friendly Snacks

Keto Snacks to Enjoy!

As with any dietary plan, you might get hungry between meals. When those snack cravings hit, make sure you reach for something that is keto-friendly, so as to maintain the state of ketosis achieved through your regular meals.

Here are some healthy and keto-friendly snack ideas:

  •    Fatty meat
  •    Fatty fish
  •    Unprocessed cheeses (optionally, add olives)
  •    A small handful of seeds or nuts
  •    One or two hard-boiled eggs
  •    Dark chocolate (90%)
  •    A low-carb milkshake (add almond milk, nut butter, and cocoa powder)
  •    Full-fat yogurt with nut butter or cocoa powder
  •    Strawberries with cream from grass-fed animal sources
  •    Celery dipped in salsa or guacamole
  •    Small portions of leftover dinners

When dining out, it’s usually pretty easy to make most restaurant meals keto-friendly. Most restaurants feature meat or fish-based dishes. Order one of these plates and substitute any high-carb side dishes for vegetables.

Egg-based meals, such as omelets or eggs and bacon, are also a great choice. They’re not just good for breakfast—they can be dinner, too!

Another keto favorite is the bun-less burger. Try swapping a side of fries for vegetables and adding avocado, bacon, or extra cheese to the burger. At Mexican restaurants, you can eat any type of meat on the menu. You can also add extra cheeses, salsa, guacamole, or sour cream. For dessert, try a mixed cheese place or berries and cream.

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